1:1 intensive

coaching for families of

cult survivors

If you have a family member in a cult or stuck in a fundamental religion, this is for you.

Calling all worried family members who feel stuck and helpless while watching their loved one get suck into an abusive and traumatizing group.

If you are ready to understand how to support your loved one with a trained professional and...

Understand cult dynamics and power plays

✨ Untangle the emotional manipulation your loved one has experienced

✨ Create a plan for how to help your loved one exit the group when they are ready

✨ Practice boundaries with those that you love but don't understand

Then 1:1 Intensive Coaching for Families can help.

Do you need a private space to get personalized feedback about your specific family experience of watching a loved one suffer in a cult?

You are not alone.

Most families are totally confused by what is happening to their loved one.

Most families struggle to know when to push and when to give their loved one space.

Most families feel helpless in understanding how this could have happened to their loved one.

What's included in a coaching intensive?

💫 Two Separate 2-Hour Coaching Sessions

💫 Unlimited Email Questions for 2 Weeks

💫 Mini-Course on Deconstruction

Which plan works best for you?

We provide a variety of payment options to help make coaching more accessible to all those that want to know how to support their family members in a helpful way. Coaching available to anyone living in United States + Canada at this time.

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Intensive Coaching



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